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Michele Ferrucci

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Michele Ferrucci

I have honed my ability to align teams to work towards common goal and KPSi. I take a consultive approach and understand communication is critical to obtaining alignment. That’s why I flex to fit others’ communication styles as a means to be more effective in fast-paced environments with cross-functioning teams. It works. I believe there is always something to learn, and with digital media’s rapid pace, there’s always something new! I enjoy collaborating with others (either in person or virtually) to gain different perspectives to refine strategies.

A/B testing is actually “fun” to me and I love the insights testing provides.

(It’s key to optimizing campaigns and maximizing RO!) With the plethora of data sets that exist in today’s marketing and business world, my perpetual curiosity drives the analytical side of my brain as I search for (and find) answers about why strategies and tactics are performing above or below expercations. There’s rarely a dull moment in my workday and I like it that way.

I also love customers. When people click on “Contact us”; or they pick up the phone, they have a goal in mind and want an a action completed. My first goal has always been to make sure that customer gets what they want or what they came for.

When I get into a job, I want to know everything. What can we do? How can we do it?

The devil is often in the details, so I make sure to be precise and detail-oriented. I strive to build my reputation at work by keeping open lines of communication with teammates and folks in different functional roles to find out what they know and how best to work with them. I navigate between competing goals of the firm and the customer by applying what I’ve learned through this communication. When I feel I have a firm grasp on the job I scale up my efforts to make customers’ days better by training teammates and taking an active role in their development. I use positivity to make work a pleasant place to be, building an atmosphere of fun. Sometimes I find I can still learn new things when a teammate comes in with a fresh perspective, and I seek to give credit and elevate those who have something new to contribute.




11.2003 - 02.2008

I was qualified to work in the field of Communication Strategy and Technology, Non-Profit and Private Sectors by following courses in History, Law and Politics, as well as a shared course in Communications. My training objectives were:
– acquirement of theoretical knowledge and professional expertise in Communication Methodology including Language Skills, Economics, Law and Social Sciences;
– Strengthen understanding of the dynamics of the psychological and sociological impact of communications;
– Improved knowledge of Mass Communication and Digital Communication systems;
– acquirement of Hands-on Communication Planning and Development Strategy experience.

11.2009 - 03.2012

I was trained to become an expert in Strategic Communication Management and I was able to understand the internal and external image of institutions and companies. Together with several expertises in Strategic Communication Theory, I had also the basic training to design and develop professional communication projects on an international level thanks to my skills in different languages.
As student, my objectives were:
– develop expertise in the field of Linguistics, Semiotics and Sociology to manage professional communication techniques with an emphasis on the writing and editing of advertising texts;
– better understanding of the creation and production of audio-visual, digital, advertising and corporate communication campaigns;
– acquirement of specific skills in planning and developing a communication campaigns develop and improvement of my  theoretical knowledge and technical skills in the use of the various communication vehicles.

02.2011 - 05.2012

The program at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies gave me the tools to improve my Japanese knowledge and also to write my final work for my thesis about “kanji” (Japanese ideograms) and how lively they still are as new shapes and new words can potentially be written with brand new ideograms.

08.2008 - 06.2009

The program at Kansai Gaidai, a private university focusing on foreign language studies, has provided me  a means of exploring Japan and Asian studies through classroom instruction and interaction with Japanese people. Japanese language courses range from the introductory through the advanced levels. All courses, except for Japanese language courses, were taught in English.

Sales Representative & Cabin Crew


03.2007 - present

As cabin crew my main goals are a strong customer-oriented approach and excellent communication skills.
Experienced in assisting passengers during flights, providing various inflight services, and fast thinking and able to perform under pressure and deal with any problem-solving issue with any passenger. I was also in charge of my base team sales department and always keen and happy to study and find new ways to improve sells on board.

Content Developer Junior Manager

Slow Food Spa

09.2014 - 02.2016

Optimization of Slow Food’s marketing automation and lead nurturing processes through email, content, and social channels (Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn and Google+). Promotion of food campaigns and tracking of their success analysing  new ways to engage subscribers and identification of new social networks to reach our potential new customers.

08.2012 - 03.2013

Promotion of products by identifying customers’ needs while advising the customers on the entire line of H&M products.
Delivery of outstanding customer service and build long-term relationship with customers and maintain the store standards according to the guidelines  Embodying and transmiting with passion the company projects (H&M for Africa, Maison Margera for H&M etc) through an effective product knowledge.

Front Desk Officer

Università per Stranieri di Perugia

09.2010 - 02.2011

Management of daily-routine office’s work (mails, foreigners’ permit of stay, introduction to the Italian language course).
Management of office’s staff with the support of Local HR (Recruitment, Coaching, Training).
Ensurement of the development of motivation, sense of belonging and office’s involvement.
Training of internship’s scholars keeping them up to date about international students’ needs, and ensuring that Italian language courses are clear and comprehensible, through a close cooperation with International Relations Office.

Web Content & Social Media Manager

Arezzo Wave / Italia Wave

05.2007 - 08.2008

Publishing & consumer/stakeholder engagement: development, adaptation & posting of content, monitoring, moderation and response (social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & other online portals).
Content Planning & copywriting: development & localisation of editorial calendars based on social media strategy, local agency management, real-time content development, translation of copy in Italian and adaptation based on audience/ tone.
Media Strategy Management: understanding of paid social media & basic SEO/ SEM analytics.
Reporting & Analysis: development of reporting recommendations , compilation of key learnings.

Trainer Certificate

Aula10 - Certificado de Profesionalidad


Cambridge First Certificate

University of Cambridge

ID: 153IT2500021



The British Chamber of Commerce in Italy


Key Skills and Competences
MS Office
Word, Excel, Power Point
Apple iWork
Pages, Keynote, Numbers
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
Marketing Communication
SEO, SEM, Blogging, Social Media Marketing
Adobe Creative Suite
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat
Computer & Mobile OS
iOS, Windows, Android


Steven Walker, Base Manager @ Easyjet

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Michele is an excellent cabin crew who has showed a real interest in improving in his job since he arrived to Palma base. He never hesitates to give feedbacks. Michele shares his…



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