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Michele Ferrucci

Deli Castellanos Molina, Crew Performance Manager @ Easyjet

Michele is an excellent cabin crew who has showed a real interest in improving in his job since he arrived to Palma base. He never hesitates to give feedbacks. Michele shares his ideas to management when need it, especially when he notices that something can be improved in benefit of the company and his colleagues. In addition, I had the pleasure of working with Michele on board and, I have to say he is an excellent team worker, always willing to help. I had an incident with an Italian passenger who was complaining. Due to the language barrier, I wasn’t able to communicate properly as my Knowledge of Italian language was not enough. Michele didn’t hesitate to come from the back of the aircraft to try to help me and solved the situation successfully and in a very professional way. I As Crew Performance Manager in Palma base, it is a pleasure having Michele here with us.